Frequently Asked Questions
You have questions. We have answers.
Can I bring my kids to a DalekoArts show?
Most Daleko productions are geared toward an adult audience. However, we do occasionally produce something that is appropriate for all ages. Be sure to check our age recommendations that follow the show description to help you decide. Regardless of the show, DalekoArts recommends that children under the age of five hang at home with the babysitter.
Is there any sort of dress code?
No way! If you want to dress up, go for it. If you feel more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, that works, too. Theatre is for everyone. Just...make sure you're wearing something.
Can I get a glass of wine at the theatre?
The Daleko concessions bar has snacks and drinks, but no alcohol. If you're looking for a drink before or after the show, Prairie Pond Wine Bar is highly recommended and conveniently located right across the street from the theater. You won't be disappointed.
The stage looks wonderful tonight! Can I snap a picture?
Unfortunately, taking photos inside the theatre is prohibited. Not only does it violate the terms of Daleko's agreement with play publishers, but it's also distracting to other patrons and performers. Plus, your phone should be off when inside the theatre so it doesn't make noise and ruin that precious love scene.
What's the deal with the ticket prices?
You can read all about Daleko's pricing structure here -- but in a nutshell, it's a form of "dynamic" pricing. Each performance has a certain number of tickets at each price point. The least expensive tickets are sold first. When they're gone, the next price point becomes available. As a performance gets closer to selling out, the price becomes higher. This system allows DalekoArts to keep per-capita ticket revenue where it needs to be, while making sure the lowest price point still remains very reasonable -- something many of our patrons rely on.

P.S. -- A DalekoArts Season Member automatically gets a ticket to every show in our season at the lowest possible price point. Whaaaaaaat??!!
Do I need to order tickets in advance?
You don't need to, but it's certainly recommended. With a teeny-tiny house of only 78, many DalekoArts performances are nearly full, if not totally sold out.
Is there a way for me to tell if tonight's performance is sold out?
Yes! If, while trying to purchase tickets at the highest price point, the performance is not "clickable," that performance is sold out.
Can I exchange my ticket or get a refund? Tell me all of the ticket things!
DalekoArts does not offer refunds on tickets. Exchanges, however, may be made at least 24 hours in advance with a $2.00/ticket exchange fee. Tickets may not be exchanged for a different production.
Season Members are able to exchange tickets an unlimited number of times at no cost.

Prior to a performance, any unused ticket may be exchanged with the Box Office for a tax-deductible donation receipt.

A group rate of 15% off is available for 10 people or more for all productions. This discount will be automatically applied at the time of your checkout.
When does the show start?
Performances are on Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:30pm, and Sunday afternoons at 2:00pm.
How early should I arrive?
The Box Office and lobby open one hour prior to each performance. The house will open thirty minutes prior to each performance. It's recommended that you arrive at least fifteen minutes before the show, as DalekoArts operates a general admission venue (first come, first served seating). If you arrive too late, it's very possible you'll have to split up your party, and nobody wants that.

To minimize interruptions, late arriving patrons may be asked to wait to be seated until an appropriate break in the performance.
Do you have a cancelation policy for inclement weather?
In the unlikely event of a show cancellation, you will be able to choose to have your tickets exchanged or refunded. DalekoArts will make every effort to contact you when a show cancelation occurs. If you're unsure of whether or not the show will go on as planned, feel free to contact the Daleko Box Office at 952-314-9077 for more information.
Where should I park?
There is plenty of free street parking up and down Main very near the theater.
Can I audition for a DalekoArts production?
DalekoArts holds general season auditions each spring in the Twin Cities. These auditions will be announced on, the Daleko Facebook page, Twitter, and our Auditions page.
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