DalekoArts Marquee Club
When the marquee is lit, we're all inside the building |.
Help keep us all inside the building.
The goal: 150 patrons giving $10 per month = RENT PAID
or read below for detailed instructions
STEP 1: Verification
Type the random words and/or numbers into the box so the system knows you're not a spammer. After that, click on "NEXT" at the bottom right of your screen.
STEP 2: Select an amount
Make sure "recurring donation" is selected and fill in the box to indicate what day of the month you'd like your donation to process. Then click "SELECT AMOUNT" to...well, select an amount. After that, it's back to good ol' "NEXT" button at the bottom right.
STEP 3: Recognition
We want to know how to thank you, so fill out the "NAME" field. You can change the type of recognition by clicking on the "RECOGNITION" drop down menu. Then it's all about clicking "NEXT" at the bottom right.
STEP 4: Billing info
This is the part where you fill out all your billing information. FUN! Don't forget to click on the "NEXT" button at the bottom right of your screen. This will be your final time clicking next, so take your time and make it count.
STEP 5: Process!
Take a good look at all the info you've submitted. If it all looks correct, maneuver your mouse down to the bottom right and click "PROCESS DONATION." Boom! You're a DalekoArts Marquee Club Member!
If you have questions or something isn't working right, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at by calling 952-314-9077 or emailing us at info [ a t ] dalekoarts.com.
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