In an effort to stay sane, keep a connection with all of you, and fill part of the gaping hole left in our Season 8 hearts, we're going to try something new, something fun, something totally and ridiculously stupid. We call it DalekoArts Trivia Extravaganza (DATE night). Here's how it works:
You pay $5 to play.
Amanda and Ben (Daleko artistic directors) host a live, online trivia night on YouTube.
The net profits from the DATE night are used to purchase gift cards to a local business, which the winners of the DATE night receive.
Fun is had. A New Prague area business is supported. What more could you ask for?

Performance. Oh yeah. Performance is missing.

DATE night won't simply be nonstop trivia. We'll also throw in some appearances from local (and Daleko favorite) performing artists to mix things up. Daleko is still a theatre company, after all.

So whaddya say? Wanna give this thing a try? Fair warning: it might be a total and complete train wreck. But it'll be our total and complete train wreck. And be honest -- even a total and complete train wreck might be a good thing if it distracts you from your dwindling toilet paper supply for 60 minutes.

If you're interested, click the button below and fill out a very short form. We'll be in touch shortly thereafter with further instructions!

This week's DATE night will begin at 8:00pm central time.
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