We need your help.

We initially wrote a different letter to you a few weeks back. We deleted it, and started a new one. These unprecedented times have changed DalekoArts in the blink of an eye. We know this is a story to which you can deeply relate. We're sitting in sorrow with you, and we're feeling the shifts of changing situations.

We're writing today to ask for your help in keeping DalekoArts alive.

Even though it's been a matter of days since we closed our doors for the rest of the season, we're already feeling the lack of a communal space. It's starting to seem like a luxury to gather, all of us in a single room, experiencing a story together. This is what we've believed in all along at DalekoArts: that public storytelling, and a gathering place for neighbors and friends, is a central piece of our quality of life.

We are already thinking about the new season, slated to begin this fall. In related news, we learned today that the much-needed construction project on New Prague's Main Street will be extended for two years, instead of the one we originally anticipated. While we're excited for the end result, this will no doubt put some real additional pressure on Main Street's businesses over the coming two years.

We can't mince words, friends: this is an urgent time for DalekoArts. We are facing a total lack of income for the remainder of the fiscal year. Closing operations means we can't pay our team, and we risk being unable to manage basics like our rent, utilities, and supplies. In the face of an uncertain future, we need support to weather the coming months.

We aren't going anywhere without a fight, which is why we're reaching out. If you are able, please consider a gift now to DalekoArts to close out our year. We are determined to be here in the fall, ready to share a new season with you. Any amount helps, and will be used carefully to keep the company focused on its mission of serving our community with live theatre arts, once we're back up and running.

Some of you have given to us already this year, and you have our huge gratitude for it. You make it possible for us to continue creating work on our stage with some of the finest artists in the state, and to do so in a community of engaged theatregoers...and theatre-lovers.

Please stay healthy and at peace in this tough time. We look forward to sharing a space with you again soon. Much love to you and yours.

With warmth and gratitude,

Amanda White & Ben Thietje, Artistic Directors