by Will Eno
directed by Anne M. Byrd

Feb 23 - March 11, 2018
Mary Swanson just moved to Middletown, eager to start a family and enjoy the neighborly bonds a small town promises. But when Mary befriends resident John Dodge, she is quick to discover that below Middletown's flinchingly honest exterior lies something much more complex. Middletown is a wry, human portrait of a town with two lives, one ordinary and visible, the other epic and mysterious.

DalekoArts recommends MIDDLETOWN for ages 16 and up.

Kirby Bennett
Sean Byrd
Hannah Joyce Hoven
Jillian Jacobson
Audrey Johnson
Tom Karki*
Patrick Kozicky*
Mike Swan
Joe Swanson
Ben Thietje*
Amanda White*

Sydney Achler (sets)
Phillip Uttech (lights)
Jenna Graupmann (costumes)
Peter Morrow (sound)
Sarah Salisbury (props)
Trevor Muller-Hegel (tech director)
Vincent Hannam (assistant director)
Samson Perry (stage manager)

original score for Middletown by Peter Morrow

*denotes company member

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