Requiem Seven
Out with the old. In with the new.
a DalekoArts fundraising gala

Sunday, May 19th, 2019
5:30pm - 8:00pm
Next Chapter Winery
Dearly beloved, we gather here to lay Season Seven to rest.

Join us at Next Chapter Winery for some food, drinks, games, DalekoArts entertainment, and your basic viking funeral pyre. There will also be a silent auction with all sorts of wonderful experiences to choose from. Help us toast Season Seven (we hardly knew ye) with our very first Daleko Requiem.

Come pay your respects. Literally.

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What You Get
appetizers & snacks
1 free drink
Daleko entertainment
silent auction
free drinks all night
Gala F.A.Q.
Wait. So this...this is...a funeral??
Not exactly. The Oxford English Dictionary defines a requiem as "An act or token of remembrance." That's exactly what this is, only instead of remembering a person, we're remembering a theatrical season.
Is there a dress code?
We're calling it "bonfire black tie." This includes anything you might wear to a bonfire, but feel free to add a little formal flair. Here are some examples.
Huh? Bonfire??
Yes. There will be a viking funeral pyre on which we will be burning items from Season Seven. That's just one of several fun activities we have in store for you.
Viking funeral pyre? I thought you said it wasn't a funeral.
Okay, it's a little like a funeral.
Is there a place for me to park my car at this theatre funeral?
1.) It's not a funeral, and 2.) yes, there is free parking at Next Chapter Winery.
Will there be a dinner at this event?
No, but there will be lots of snacks and appetizers.
What time can I arrive?
The event begins at 5:30pm.
How many tickets are available? Should I worry about it selling out?
Due to space, we can only sell 50 VIP tickets and 150 General tickets. We did the math for you; that's 200 total tickets. Daleko has over 500 Season Members, so very well might sell out. Grab your tickets as soon as you're able!
Bonfire Black Tie
Here are a couple examples to get you started.
DalekoArts Board Vice President
Here, we see DalekoArts board Vice President, Lori, sporting a flannel shirt, rhinestone earrings, and a black dress (probably tennis shoes, too). She's clearly covered the "black tie," but she's also game for the "bonfire." Good job, Lori.
DalekoArts Board President
DalekoArts board President, Patrick, has also gone the flannel route. He's added a black tie because he's very literal. He might also be wearing dress pants with hiking boots, but we can't be totally sure. Bonfire Black Tie. Nice work, Patrick.
Josh Campbell
DalekoArts Board Treasurer
Josh, DalekoArts board Treasurer, has decided to go summery for the bonfire side of his ensemble, with a sleek tank that just hints at a tattoo underneath. The look is completed with a standard black tie, sunglasses, and a hipster fedora. Well done, Josh.
To clarify: have fun! This event will be a little quirky, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Feel free to make Bonfire Black Tie whatever you'd like it to be. See you Sunday!
Gala Donors
DA extends huge thanks to these companies and organizations for generously donating to our event.
Cedar Brook Garden Center
Coborns Liquor
'Czech'ers Sports Bar
Dream Nails
Giesenbrau Bier Co.
Huge Improv Theater
Jungle Theater
Lau's Czech Bakery
Lonsdale Liquor
Lyric Arts
Mainstream Boutique
Marquardt Jewelers
Minnesota Public Radio
New Prague Golf Club
The O'Neill Brothers
Park Square Theatre
Patty's Place
Pizza Ranch
Salon First Avenue
St. Paul Saints Baseball
Strike Theater
Sugar Rose Bakeshop
West End Liquor Store