The Odd Couple
by Neil Simon
directed by Amanda White

June 7th - 16th, 2013
If comedy thrives on contrasts, The Odd Couple offers a perfect situation. Felix is prim, fastidious, and a compulsive cleaner; Oscar is a gruff, sloppy sportswriter, to whom a floor is a perfect place to toss a sandwich. The conflicts are obvious and endless, as each upsets the other's way of life in one of Neil Simon's most loved comedies.

DalekoArts recommends The Odd Couple for ages 13 and up.

E.J. Subkoviak* (Oscar)
Ben Thietje (Felix)
Christine Karki (Cecily)
Erin Sheppard (Gwendolyn)
Patrick Kozicky (Roy)
Tom Karki (Murray)
Ryan Nelson (Speed)
Brent Teclaw (Vinnie)

Darren Hensel (sets)
Matt McNabb (lights)
Stacey Palmer (costumes)
Abbee Warmboe (props)
Ben Thietje (sound)
Cassidy Jayne (crew)
Emma Deihl (crew)
Mark Tietz (stage manager)

*Member Actors' Equity Association