The Shape of Things
by Neil LaBute
directed by Jamil Jude

March 4 - 20, 2016
After a chance meeting in a museum, Evelyn, a sexy, aggressive artist, and Adam, a shy, insecure student, become embroiled in an intense affair. Before long, it veers into dangerous and seductive territory, as Adam, under Evelyn's steady influence, goes to unimaginable lengths to improve his appearance and character. Only in the final and shocking exhibition, which challenges our most deeply entrenched ideas about art and love, does Evelyn reveal her true intentions.

DalekoArts recommends The Shape of Things for ages 18 and up.

Cristina Castro
Tamara Clark
James Rodriguez
Mike Swan

Brian Proball (sets)
Adam Raine (lights)
Lucas Skjaret (costumes)
Abbee Warmboe (props)
Topher Pirkl (sound)
Darren Hensel (tech director)
Andrew Scheiber (crew)
David Loose (assistant stage manager)
Salima Seale (stage manager)

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