About Daleko
our mission
DalekoArts (DELL-uh-koh), an ensemble theatre company, works with professional artists to pursue impactful, live performance in our community of New Prague, Minnesota and the surrounding region.
Our purpose is to decentralize professional theatre in Minnesota by increasing engagement and opportunity in New Prague and the surrounding area. It is our dream that New Prague will be a known destination for quality performing arts and arts education.
DalekoArts is a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit founded in 2012 by theatre artists Ben Thietje and Amanda White as a way to help decentralize professional theatre in Minnesota.

New Prague was chosen as the company's home due to the community's extraordinary interest in theatre, the regional growth and development it has experienced in the last decade, its relative proximity to the Twin Cities, and its close ties to the founders.

"Daleko" — a Czech word meaning "far away" — reflects New Prague's strong bohemian roots, its spatial relationship to the cultural hub that is the Twin Cities, and the ensemble's desire to step back and examine the world from a new point of view.

DalekoArts is a proud member of the Minnesota Theater Alliance, the Network of Ensemble Theaters, and the Theatre Communications Group.
The Prague Theater was the town cinema from the early 1900s until the late '80s when it closed. Since that time, it's been a video store, tanning salon, photography studio...you name it. In the fall of 2014, DalekoArts turned it into a community gathering place once again, in the form of a charming, 78-seat performance venue.

The Prague Theater
110 East Main Street
New Prague, MN 56071
Core Values
  • We believe in fostering a strong and deep connection with our community.
  • We believe that theatre can cultivate dialogue, honor culture and diverse ways of being, and further empathy.
  • We train and work under a great and spirited legacy: the rich heritage of Midwestern artists.
  • We pursue Excellence.
  • We hire artists who live with grace, kindness, and respect from the audition room through the final performance.
  • We prioritize people over materials.
  • We believe in ensemble work; that a group of people working together over and over makes the work stronger and more nuanced.
  • We welcome all people.
Daleko Ensemble
Bobby Gardner
Lizzie Gardner
Christine Karki
Tom Karki
Patrick Kozicky
Anthony J Sofie
Ben Thietje
Amanda White
Board of Directors
Patrick Kozicky (President)
Lori Deihl (Vice President)
Matt McNabb (Secretary)
Joshua Campbell (Treasurer)
Ben Thietje (Artistic Director)
Amanda White (Artistic Director)
Julia Bartusek
Mike Fullerton
Bobby Gardner
Jen Sayler
Alecia Scharback
Our Budget
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DalekoArts, 110 East Main Street, New Prague, MN 56071
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